Frequently Asked Questions

Using our downloadmanager allows you an extra stream of income on top of the existing ones if you already have. This stream generally performs better than Google Adsense even in terms of global payout, so why not use both?
Being able to track install metrics is another benefit.

Our download manager performs better than a content locker revenue wise. Not to forget, "content lockers" have many disadvantages which usually make the visitor complaints flood in. Not all countries have offers and if there are any offers, these are usually too hard to complete for user. The result is that only 1-3% of your audience actually completes the offer and generates your website revenue.

After website approval, we create the account and provide implementation instructions.

Yes, we want to see at least some traffic stats on Alexa and prefer not to deal with low traffic websites.

It supports windows only.

It depends on the country of the user and which offers are accepted. US and European audiences generate the highest revenue, because we have more advertisers that want to pay to present offers to these countries. Having said that.. A US user can be worth up to $0.85 USD. The average is lower when taking offer accept rate into account. European users are worth less, but still considerably more than some Asian countries.

Strictly not.

Each first day of the month, the earnings out paid out through Bankwire or Paypal.

-Distributing software you own, or are allowed to distribute
-Only clean organic traffic
Not Allowed:
-Copyrighted files
-Illegal files
-Malicious files
-Anything related to Porn/Adult, Drugs, Gambling, Crime, Violence, Movies or Music
-Any form of paid traffic
-Bot/Proxy/Incentivized traffic
Not following the rules will result in a swift account termination.

Please Register here and provide as much information as possible about your website and software.